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Greece Holds Second Place in Blue Flag Program

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Greece has been ranked as having the second cleanest harbors and beaches in the world, regarding its Blue Flag status.

Spain gained first place and Turkey gained third place. Greece is considered to have 393 clean beaches, while Spain has 552 and Turkey has 383. France downgraded to fourth place, with 354 clean beaches. The only alteration of rankings this year was Turkey and France switching positions.

In 2014, Greece worked tirelessly to acquire an additional number of clean coastlines awarded with a Blue Flag. Currently the Blue Flag operation grades 48 nations across the globe, concerning their clean shores and clear waters.

The Blue Flag is considered an internationally recognized tourism symbol and attracts travelers to its best ranked locations. It is a voluntary eco-label awarded to over 3,850 beaches and marinas worldwide.

It's mission is to work towards sustainable development of coastlines through a strict criteria, that analyses environmental education and information, environmental management, water quality and additional services. The Blue Flag program is directed by the Foundation for Environmental Education.