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SYRIZA Concentrates on Coastal Preservation

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SYRIZA is unhappy about the outcome of a PPC partial privatization debate, according to reports.

According to a senior party member, voting efforts were hampered by the government, "being in panic fortified behind anti-democratic actions so as not to suffer a major political defeat", as reported by ekathimerini.

SYRIZA will now focus its attention on a coastal development bill, with the goal of gaining societal interest, specifically with the younger generation. Party leader Alexis Tsipras will ask President Karolos Papoulias for a meeting next week, to discuss the bill.

Next Wednesday marks SYRIZA's first pursuit in its opposition of a draft bill that threatens Greek coastal areas and beaches, at an event at the Benaki Museum, where Tsipras will serve as the keynote speaker.

SYRIZA has blamed the current administration of forming legislation that privatizes, commercializes and develops major areas of the nation's coast. The party believes the natural areas are a crucial cultural and natural element of the country.

SYRIZA feels that the government's intentions will hinder citizen's beach entries and further social unbalances, along with severe negative effects on the environment. The party has asked for support at Wednesday's discussion by social groups, scientists, and local government delegates, along with others.