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Corinth Receives Globe's Biggest Solar Boat

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The Swiss-flagged MS "Tûranor PlanetSolar", which is biggest solar-powered vessel on the globe, arrived in Corinth today, according to reports.

The catamaran which measures 31 meters in length, will remain in the area for three days. The eco-friendly boat will then depart to the region of Ermioni to undergo an archaeological analysis underwater, as reported by ANA-MPA.

The Tûranor PlanetSolar then plans to dock at Nafplio and will travel to the port of Piraeus on August 4th. Geneva University has launched the archeological mission, in association with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, the Marine Antiquities Ephorate and the Swiss School of Archaeology, whose goal is to study and map out the topography of the Argolic Gulf's engulfed archaic settlement.

Tomorrow brings the solar-powered boat's welcoming commemoration in Corinth. The green catamaran was constructed in Germany, while Geneva University uses it as marine research laboratory. It can travel up to 14 knots, is comprised of more than 500 square meters of solar panels that creates 93 kW, and holds 8.5 tons of lithium-ion batteries in two hulls.

(Source: www.amna.gr)