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PlanetSolar Plans Greek Expedition

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The Swiss flagged catamaran PlanetSolar which is the globe's biggest solar powered boat, has planned a Greek expedition beginning August 11th.

As reported by Kathimerini, Greek and Swiss scientists will search for a "prehistoric countryside" in the Peloponnese peninsula. The voyage will be one month in duration and has been implemented by the Greek Culture Ministry and the Swiss School of Archaeology.  The assignment will examine areas surrounding the Franchthi cave in the Argolic Gulf, that was inhabited during the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.

University of Geneva researcher Julien Beck stated to AFP: "This cave was inhabited continuously for around 35,000 years ... and we have reason to believe that towards the end of the Neolithic era, the inhabitants moved to a neighboring site that is now underwater...If we could find this village, it would be among the oldest in Greece and Europe."