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Greece Establishes Electric Car Initiative

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The Greek government has tabled a legislative amendment to encourage electric car usages in the nation.

As reported by Kathimerini, the amendment strives to manage recharging location operations, while Environment and Energy Minister Yiannis Maniatis wants to promote the unexplored sector for economic purposes.

The initial stage of the initiative will be directed by a specialized committee administered at the Ministry's General Secretariat for Energy, with the pilot "Network of Electric Mobility" operations.

Currently, Greece when compared to other EU members, lags in electric mobility. The nation has 25 solely powered electric cars. According to electric transport specialists, the eco-friendly cars can drive 100 urban kilometers on only 90 cents.

There are two major factors concerning why Greece is not as advanced as other EU nations in this regard; there is no concrete legislation, along with a luxury tax that was imposed on electric cars, which was abolished in November.

In January, a clause for the creation of electric vehicle charging facilities was brought forth to legislation. Now charging facilities do not require specialized licensing for electric energy offerings, and will be classified as final consumers that are allowed to resell power. EU goals have determined that Greece should establish 13,000 electric vehicle charging stations by the end of 2020.