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Attica Park Foliage Areas Banned

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Greek authorities have restricted the foliage portion of Pedion tou Areos and other greeneries around Athens.

As stated by Attica regional authorities that supervise parks, "the general public is not allowed within the planted areas of parks and woods... because of the high risk of falling branches and trees", as reported by Kathimerini.

The restricted areas also includes Galatsi's Attiko Alsos forrest, Psychico's Ethniki Antistasi park, and Kato Petralona's Protomagia Square, in addition to other park spaces.

According to sources who spoke to Kathimerini, the actual factor is to keep homeless and drug addicts out of the hidden areas. Last year's Pedion tou Areos securing and fencing operation was justified so, "citizens would be able to enjoy a beautiful and safe park throughout the day".

Attica regional authorities believe that surveying parks should not be their responsibility and falls under the municipal authority division. Regional Councilor Georgios Fountas claimed, "Nowhere in the world do parks fall under the competence of regional authorities. In Greece they do because of an outdated piece of legislation. We don't have the means to provide due care, there is not even a sanitation department".