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Archeologists Surgicaly Excavate Amphipolis

Archaeologists will continue their work at the excavation of Amphipolis with surgical movements.

When the great secret hidden within the impressive tumulus magnificent tomb will be revealed, remains a question without a precise answer.  It depends on unknown factors, as the excavation is being conducted step by step and archaeologists do not know what they will face at the next stage.

According to Capital.gr, the head of the excavation Katerina Peristeri emphasizes exactly this: that the work is progressing step by step and may even taken another month to enable them to get inside. As he says, the removal must be stone by stone so as not to affect the stability of themonument.

However, since yesterday, and after a three-day respite, archaeologists have again picked up work. A special crane has in fact been utilized to remove the masonry around the sphinxes. The whole effort was done with great care so as not to cause the slightest damage to the stones. When removed, archaeologists believe they will clearly see some part of the burial chamber.

The investigation proceeds by removing soil covering the archaeological findings. Already the unearthing of the tumulus' grave circle, 13 steps and the gate guarded by the two headless sphinxes with broken wings has occurred. Behind the sphinxes is soil and two walls spaced six to seven meters apart. The work of archaeologists now, focuses on supporting the first foundation wall to ensure that no static problems arise.