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Cinematic robbery at Distomo

A terrorism scented robbery with the possible complicity of Paula Roupa the fugitive partner of Nikos Maziotis and other associates took place at 2 pm in Distomo, Boeotia.


Three people wearing wigs, with altered facial characteristics, and holding Kalashnikov assault rifles entered the branch of the National Bank , at closing time, overpowered the staff and after waiting up to 20 minutes to open the two safes, stole 300,000 euros and fled taking with them the cashier as a hostage.

Th egetaway car, a Toyota Rav, which was reported stolen in May 2012,was found burnt 5 km from the place of the robbery.

The perpetrators and the hostage, then boarded a speedboat and having crossed the Corinthian Gulf arrived Loutra Xylokastrou. Before they went ashore they released the cashier, who swam for about an hour before reaching shore. The perpetrators also tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to burn the boat. Clues show that they left the arae in two vehicles.

The robbery is an almost carbon copy of a crime perpetrated on Spetses in 2012. At the time, currently jailed Nikos Maziotis along with Giorgos Petrakakis had escaped by speedboat, using two women as "shields."

Robbery "Carbon" with Spetses 2012 . Also, the robbery is very similar to the one that took place at Sykourio on 5 June.