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Baltakos Denies New Party Formation Claims

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Former Cabinet Secretary and Prime Ministerial Advisor Panayiotis Baltakos shot down claims that he is vying to create his own political party, however he did comment that New Democracy should increase its efforts in gaining additional right-winged supporters.

In April, Baltakos stepped down from his governmental posts, due to taped footage that showed his confidential meeting with Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris.

Baltakos stated to Efimerida ton Syntakton, "I have not said that I am personally aiming to create a right-wing grouping...I have no such desire or intention. I said something else: At the European Parliament elections, 16.5 percent of the electorate, or some 900,000 voters – including those supporting Golden Dawn – were to the right of New Democracy".

The Former government delegate added, "If someone could wave a magic wand and transfer this support to New Democracy, it would have 39 percent, which would be enough to form a government on its own".