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Abandoned boat links bank robbers to terrorists

Investigators of the Counter-terrorism unit of the Greek police are looking for the hideout of three armed robbers from the National Bank of Greece branch in Distomo, Viotia, on Friday afternoon.

During the hit, the perpetrators had taken an employee hostage who was later found unharmed. The robbers netted an estimated 300,000 euros in cash and got away by boat, which was later abandoned.

Police sources have revealed they have found fingerprints of Giorgos Petrakakos, a wanted known associate of terrorist Nikos Maziotis and DNA that belongs to two separate criminals associated to the infamous escapee criminal Vasillis Paleokostas on the boat.

The investigation is focusing in the northern coast of the Peloponnese area. The police thinks the robbery can be linked to terrorist activities of the uncaptured members of Nikos Maziotis’ terrorist group Revolutionary Struggle. They believe the hit in Distomo may be a precursor to a grand-scale, symbolic terrorist attack.

Greek police have for the last few weeks been trying to find evidence on the whereabouts of Paula Roupa, as well as other members of the group after the arrest of Nikos Maziotis, following a bloody shootout in downtown Athens.