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Amphipolis Excavations offer revelations

The facade of the Ancient Amphipolis tomb (Kasta Tumulus) in northern Greece has been cleared almost entirely, the Ministry of Culture said on Monday.

The facade bears the same decorations as the side walls, including a fresco imitating the marble retaining wall (perivolos) of the tomb. The door to the inner chamber is 1.67 metres wide and does not appear to have had any (wooden) doors.

Inside, the prothalamus, or antechamber, walls are dressed in marble right behind the entrance and along the side walls. Six metres from the doorway, the upper register of a dividing wall was discovered, with a missing part on the left.

The wall also bears a marble epistyle (architrave), or lintel resembling the outer one. It is decorated by eight-petalled rose motifs in relief.  It is expected to contain another opening, below, that will serve as entrance to the interior of the tomb, as there are two distinct areas visible behind it.