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Athens public transport reduces fares

The price of tickets in all Public Transportation will change as of next Monday, September 1st, from 1.40 euros to 1.20 euros. However, the duration of a valid ticket will be changed from 90 to 70 minutes.

The 20-euro pass for buses, trams and trolley buses will be abolished and it will be replaced by an unlimited route pass, with monthly cost of 30 euros. Moreover, commuters will be able to buy three-month and six-month unlimited route passes as usual.

Besides ticket prices, an overall restructuring in Public Transportation is going to take place. According to sources, a new plan, by which all bus routes will be covering the existing metro lines with in-between stations, is underway. It is estimated that this plan will be completed in the next two years. Attempts for this plan had been made 10 years ago, after the 2004 Olympic Games but failed to be completed.