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"Captain George" arrested in massive cocaine transport

The 62-year old captain of the petrol company that seems to be involved in the case of transferring one ton of cocaine from the Middle East to Greece, with cargo ship "Noor 1" last June, was arrested last night.

According to “To Vima” daily, the arrest of the so-called “Captain George”, who lived in Dubai is re-opening the case that was revealed early this summer.

For this case, several Greeks, Indian crew members, Albania, Turkish and Iranian nationals have already been charged. International authorities are also looking into suspects in Belgium.

All are facing criminal organization charges, drug possession and trafficking. A separate case file concerns illegal fuel trade charges filed against certain of the defendants after the discovery on board the tanker of 18 tonnes of fuel that lacked documents.

Tanker “Noor 1”, was used to smuggle the mammoth heroin shipments of over two tonnes into the country seized by the Greek authorities in the port of Elefsina in June.