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Athens U. new rector heckled by protesters

The new rector of the university of Athens had a very harrowing welcome at his new post on Thursday as he came face to face with a group of students shouting slogans in favor of “eternal students.”

Rector Theodoros Fortsakis used the incident in his speech to the university board and faculty: “Not being able to share my thoughts I asked of the packed chamber to see with their own eyes what kind of university the hew rectorship is taking over: unguarded, prey to anarchy and illegality, dirty, administratively disorganized, academically dead, with very acute student problems, abandoned by the state budget.”

Mr Fortsakis stated that the public university had collapsed. He pledged to use all his powers and every effort to set the institution back on its feet and capable of inspiring students with “the values they deserve and give them the knowledge they deserve.” The new rector has been known for his stance against any form of illegality within the university and made it a banner in vying for the position.

Outgoing rector Theodosis Pelegrinis, often criticized for his spending more time pursuing his interest in the theater than tending to his duties, in his speech blamed the government for not funding the institution, maintained that the three and a half month strike by administration staff that totally paralyzed the university was justified.