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Appliance market rebounds

The sales of technology consumer products have rebounded and are particularly indicative in the second quarter of 2014. Overall, during the first half of the year, sales of technical consumer products have increased over the corresponding period of 2013.  All categories of the industry grew with the exception of photographic equipment and mobile phones.

As noted by Vima.gr, according to survey data of GfK Hellas, the industry in the quarter April - June 2014 reported sales of 400 million euros, an increase of 7.6% compared to the same quarter of 2013. As the company notes, "the Greek economy continues its recovery for the second quarter of 2014, presenting the best picture for several years. As a result consumer decisions are less cautious than in the past. "

The very good performance of almost all categories of IT products contributed to the continued growth of the industry turnover. The main product lineswere rising for another quarter, especially tablets but combined with desktop computers and monitors, something which continues to augment the sale of “mice” and keyboards.

Also for the fifth consecutive quarter the market for office equipment was positive. Both printers which continue to increase sales at a rate greater than 20%, and multi-fuction office equipment, which recorded double digit growth, contributed significantly to the expansion of sales in the category.

The rise in the large white appliance sales has continued steadily in the second quarter of the year, recording also an increase in average price levels. Despite the stabilization in the average price of white goods, there is also a trend of major brands on the market to broaden their product range thus aiming at lower economic classes.

Washing machines are the category with the largest growth, followed by dryers, which remain a small category, but with steadily upward sales and attractive for the entry of new "players". The sales of refrigerators at the beginning of the seasonal cycle are on the increase especially in the subcategories with larger capacities. Finally, furnaces and dishwashers show a significant increase among free standing devices.

Small household appliances continue the positive trend in most categories. Most categories now show a positive sign, the general public seems to a little more trusting of purchases and is turning to personal care products such as electric toothbrushes and hair care products.

After that come toasters and ironing systems which exhibit sizable increases, justified by specific promotions, which have led and won the interest of consumers.

Nevertheless, the overall telecommunications niche posted marginal losses because after several years of falling prices, smartphones maintained constant values ​​compared to last year. At the same time both landlines, which reversed the negative trend of several years, and telephone headsets, continued double-digit growth rates, balancing values ​​for the entire class.

Meanwhile, the World Cup and the change of the digital signal in the Peloponnese in June contributed to sharply rising television sales. Large Tvs, over 40 inches, were favored while Ultra High Definition devices are constantly picking up momentum. However, intense competition and retail offers led to a fall in average prices making it even more affordable for consumers to purcghase these goods.