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Monk killed on Mount Athos

A monk was killed and two fire fighters injured when the vehicles they were on fell in a ravine 70 meters deep, near the chapel of the Hilandarion monastery on Mount Athos.

At 8.00 a.m., the fire engine with the two fire fighters started off on its routine patrol on the paths of the Holy Mount, but because of the condition of the road surface, the vehicle fell in a ravine injuring the two fire fighters.

Another group, this time of monks, set off for the site of the accident in order to search for the vehicle, but around a hundred meters from the crash site, their vehicle veered off the road and also fell down the ravine.

The fire chief for central Macedonia region noted that both accidents occurred because of the poor condition of the ground surface.  The fire fighters were pulled up and taken to 424 Military Hospital by helicopter. One monk was found dead.