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2015 brings Panepistimiou pedestrianization

The reconstruction of Panepistimiou Street is expected to begin within 2015 and work is expected to last two years, according to the Secretary of Public Works, Stratos Simopoulos.


"We believe that the auction for the construction of the project will be finished in 2015 if all goes well with the competition in mid 2015 can start the work," he said during a television interview in public broadcaster NERIT.

As he said, works will begin atSyntagma Square and finish at Omonia and assured that there will be no traffic problem for pedestrians. According to Mr Simopoulos, "there will be plenty of buses accessed through transport corridors. The same goes for taxis while in the middle of the walkway, there will be a special configuration to park supply vehicles. Streets, such as Amerikis and Emmanouil Benaki will not be pedestrianized as well as two other roads, which will allow through traffic and buses. "

Mr. Simopoulos also stated that this is a completely environment-friendly work, because "the great length of the tram line will be powered by batteries, and all plantings will be irrigated by rainwater through appropriate reservoirs." Funding for the project will be provided, as Mr. Simopoulos said, through the Ministry of Public Works and the Region of of Attica.

Studies were funded by the Onassis Foundation, under the supervision of the Athens Metro SA and, as Mr. Simopoulos noted, "mainly involved the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, relating to traffic regulations."

"It is a project, which will by undertaken by Athens Metro SA and comes as a complement to two other projects. It comes as a complement to the Faliro Bay redevelopment and construction of the metro line 4 and adds something similar to the trilogy of works ahead for the old neoclassical buildings of Athens," he explained, describing the set of interventions in the area of the historical center of Athens (Library, University, Academy).