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Athens Establishes Homeless Run Tours

A new initiative by local street magazine “Schedia” aims to heighten awareness about homelessness and increase the integration of those sleeping on the street, by having homeless citizens leading tours of Athens.

Following the example of similar magazines in other European countries -Schedia's "Unseen Routes" tours will include stops at the capital's soup kitchens, hostels, rehabilitation and day centers.

The tour guides, current and former homeless people, people who have been on the streets for several reasons, will provide participants with details about the facilities as well as insights into their own experience on the streets, even in spots that are “unknown” to many citizens.

Tours will run every Saturday, starting Saturday, September 20th. The cost of participation in a tour will be 6 euros with a reduced fee of 3 euros for students and no charge for unemployed citizens and pensioners. Their duration will be approximately two hours.  “Schedia” magazine gives the homeless and the unemployed an opportunity to earn an income as well as an additional motive to restore their lives.