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DOMI private college shut down because of debt

The closing of the educational group IEK DOMI due to outstanding debts towards the State Insurance Fund, IKA, worth 20 million euros was announced yesterday by Education Minister Andreas Loverdos, in a joint press conference with the Governor of IKA, Rovertos Spyropoulos.

According to Mr. Spyropoulos, the total debt of post-secondary education centers in Greece reaches 140 million euros. On his part, the Minister of Education stressed that from now on, no group will get the approval of the state to operate if it fails to comply with the security requirements of the law regarding its establishments and if it has outstanding issues with its contributions at IKA.
At the same time, the BCA building in Glyfada failed the fire security check of the ministry and therefore it will suspend its operation until it meets all requirements. In the meantime, the remaining two buildings of the college will operate normally.
In addition to these, seven colleges and 17 buildings will be shut down, as they do not meet the requirements of the law. For these cases, the Ministry of Education will soon make announcements.