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Broken door fragments uncovered at Amphipolis

As explained by archaeologist and head of the excavation, Katerina Peristeri, "the fall in parts of the marble door was caused or suffered by Bulgarian artillery shells in 1913 or the earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale that occurred in the 6th AD century or an earthquakes in the 19th century. We can not know if there was an attempt tat omb looting, only excavation will show us."

This was announced by the head of the excavation of the Kasta Tumulus at Amphipolis, M Katerina Peristeri together with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture Ms. Lina Mendoni presence of Ms Anna Panagiotarea. As pointed out, these findings reinforce the position that this is a Macedonian tomb. Indeed she now refers to a "standard form Macedonian tomb.” These announcements seem to confirm the current statements of academic and Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology, Aristotle University, Miihalis Tiverios to TheTOC.gr that this is an unprecedented form of funerary, heroic building.

Points of information to reporters by Anna Panagiotarea today at the Museum of Amphipolis:

"With the removal of soil, yesterday sections of marble door were revealed, the typical form of the Macedonian tombs: So, we have a door made of marble from Aliki on Thasos- the same marble from which the entire burial complex is made with lentigines, which imitate the nail head as is customary in wooden doors."

"A hinge was found on the west side of the doorway. The pivot point is where the door hung from the jambs "

"I remind you the size of the openings: The openings of the Caryatids and Sphinxes is exactly 1.67m. The opening of the third doorway is 1.50m "

"The continuity of the side walls was revealed dring the excavation, which is no different from previous sites, namely marble slabs, similar to that present in all areas of the monument."

"During the excavation, we also found in front of the door, behind the Caryatids, bronze and iron nails. We stress that these were found yesterday and it is not a given that they refer to a bier. "
"I also want to make two general observations":

1 "Because I read in press reports, cases that there is no archaeological investigation in accordance with the excavation process, ie, removal of excavation layers in a systematic way, as is clear from the diaries of the excavation, it is obvious that the work is being conducted in the most appropriate scientific manner '.

2 "On how the soil is removed from the excavation through the grave, note the following: In order to facilitate the excavation and proceed as best as possible and in the safest manner used conveyor belts are used to move the earth, as indeed is customary in other excavations."

Technical work:

1 "The floor of the backfill behind the Caryatids has arrived at the crowning of the pedestals on which the Caryatids are based, which is about 1.5 m."

2 "This embankment will remain provisionally retaining the third aperture. It will start to be lowered in combination with the removal of soil from the fourth space. "

3 "I must note that in space, behind the Caryatids to the third septal wall, second phase support elements were placed, with strong metal pipe sections."

4 "Also the broken lintel of the third aperture was temporarilysupported. This will be removed to be cleaned and maintained."

5 "In-the fourth area, which is characterized by continuous revetment of the same type using Aliki (Thassos) marble, like the whole monument, a second series of retaining walls and shoring of the dome for the safety of workers and the monument is being implemented since Monday. It has therefore work retaining the apex of the side walls has been concluded that and the installation of metal tubular beams for shoring the dome has begun."

6 "Because of the delicate balance of the dome, technical consultants along with the crew are trying, with delicate operations to place the props without disrupting the balance that is created afteroutside removal of soil."

7 "Please note that the props has been implemented in two thirds of the surface of the dome. The outer embankments located there allow a safer process of shoring."

8 "The shore up used is" passive "ie, activated only in cases where a voussoirs tends to move-which ensures minimal impact on the existing balance of the dome"

9 "You will understand that we are at the hardest part of the jobcarried out so far for the safety of workers and the monument."

10 "I mentioned that the embankment is sloped from south to north, with a height difference of over a meter. In the fourth septal wall an opening has been detected, which have also been reported in greater depth than previous openings. Technical experts are led to the conclusion that the floor of the fourth area is deeper than the floor of the previous chambers, possibly by two meters."

11 "Normally, this indicates the existence of a staircase or ramp which probably begins after the third septal doorway."

12 'In addition I mention that the earthmoving work done on the west side of the monument for lowering the amount and soften the gradient of the slopes has advanced. "