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Greece Launches New Elgin Marbles Return Campaign

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UNESCO's Greek delegates have established a new campaign, concerning the return of their Parthenon's Elgin Marbles.

The Hellenic Marbles remain under English control, at London's British Museum. UNESCO campaign organizer Ioannis Maronitis voiced, "Our objective is to inform the Greek public of the situation and get them behind the campaign", according to Euro Weekly News.

The Greek UNESCO representative added, "Not just the Greeks, but all world citizens who value justice and cultural heritage must support the return of the marbles to Greece."

Athens Acropolis Museum President Dimitris Pantermalis commented: "The British Museum and the United Kingdom used to say that Greece was not capable of looking after the marbles correctly...This argument no longer holds water! We have a completely new museum with a superb view of the original archeological site".