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Tourist runs amock, attacks guide

A tour guide in the Knossos palace in Crete has been left with three broken teeth and eight stitches after a Dutch tourist punched him for no apparent reason.

The attack happened yesterday morning as a tour was getting underway at the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos in Irakleio, Crete.

According to eye-witnesses a Dutch tourist attacked the tour guide out of the blue, flooring him with a vicious punch to the face.

“Yesterday morning he came to Knossos together with his family for a tour,” Vangelis Papanikolaou, a witness to the attack told cretapost. “He was already with a group that was beginning the route around Knossos when for unknown reasons he changed tour guides. Then he saw the victim who, together with his clients were ready to start the tour.”

The Dutch tourist stepped in front of the tour guide and without any warning punched him in the face, injuring him seriously. Motorcycle police were quickly on the scene and they arrested the hot-headed tourist. An ambulance took the unfortunate guide to the hospital.

H was later released with 8 stiches on his lips and three broken teeth. The tourist is being held in custody and will soon appear before prosecutors. According to reports, the man has a violent disposition and has been known to beat his wife and daughter in the past.