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Amphipolis mosaic to be restored

Archaeologist are confident that they will be able to restore a large portion of the damaged area of the mosaic recently uncovered in the Kasta tomb in Amphipolis.

The mosaic, which was only recently revealed in its entirety, depicts the abduction of Persephone by Pluto, the God of the underworld. In the mosaic, Pluto is riding a two horse chariot and has just seized Persephone. The chariot is being led by Hermes who is frequently depicted leading souls to the underworld.

The mosaic is an extraordinary find and of exceptional craftsmanship, featuring the use of light and shading as well as a sense of depth. However it is marred by a large hole in the center.

But according to comments made by Lina Mendoni, the general secretary of the Ministry of Culture, excavators are confident that in time they will be able to restore the damaged section to a large degree.

Some sections are very large - on the order of 20 centimeters,” she said referring to the dislodged pebbles that have been found around the mosaic adding, “and by sifting the soil which was completed yesterday, a large number of pebbles were collected.”

Ms Mendoni also earlier stressed that ancient depictions of the abduction of Persephone are well known to archaeologists, having been found on numerous ancient pots, as well as in a tomb in Vergina which features a remarkable mural of the scene.

As such she said, “The fact that we know the image means that there is a guide for the restoration – that is a process, particularly for the single tiles, that will take a long time for the restorers. Of course, all who have seen all of the material from damaged portion are exceptionally optimistic that a large portion of the mosaic will be restored.”