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Athens dean denounces SYRIZA deputies

Serious complaints sprinkled with onerous characterizations were made ​​by the rector of Athens University against three Members of SYRIZA, regarding what happened Monday morning at the main building of the University of Athens at Propylaea.


The dean, Theodoros Fortsakis, speaking to vima.gr talked about "civic disorder, violence and unconstitutional behavior," while the announcement of the university board was also in unusually high tones.

In the text there is the complaint that SYRIZA MPs' facilitated the uncontrolled entry to students and others, "which had a scheduled task in the field."
Details of the announcement of the Senate:

"This morning three members of SYRIZA, Messrs. Alexopoulos, Mandas and Ms Photios, entered the Central Building of the University of Athens without permission, meanwhile facilitating the uncontrolled entry of students and others who had a scheduled task in space. The three MPs demanded the lifting of checks at the entrance to the Main Building of the University of Athens and removal of the Police Forces. It must be noted that police forces were not in the vicinity.
The group of students and workers,
that are shown sympathetic to the particular political spectrum joined the Mps,conducting, at this time, a meeting in the auditorium in the building by installing a microphone and speaker system!
These actions and the accountability of the
perpetrators are left to the judgment of the Greek people."