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Athens university unable to function with transfer students

Many departments and faculties of the University of Athens are expected to welcome twice the number of students than those who had entered the national exams.

Specifically, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education states that it is unable to implement the curriculum, as originally 181 students were enrolled, 159 from national exams, and 21 from specific categories and 176 transfers were approved, to which students are expected to be added those transcribed because of the economic considerations.

These figures show that the increase in the number of students is around 117%, while, as was mentioned in a statement signed by the Chairman of the Board Eugenia Flogaiti, the number of teachers has shrunk dramatically.

"The number of active students is at the moment (without transfers) 1,484 undergraduate and 296 graduate in five graduate programs. The ratio of teachers to students is much worse than in other Parts of the unigversity which are also affected by the massive transfers.

Besides the infrastructure being insufficient for the present needs of the department, the doubling of students hinders laboratory courses and conducting practical exercises.

A similar image of "suffocation" is exhibited in other departments and faculties of the University of Athens.

According to information available, the number of students in the Gymnastics Academy is also increasing after transfers approved to the order of 108%, the department of History/Archaeology by 91%, the Department of Medicine by 91.5 %, by 76.6% in Chemistry 71.2%, in Nursing by 60% and by 40% in media.

Clearly the situation is better in less popular parts such as the department of German Language, which receives only two transfer students among125 students, representing an increase of 1.6%.