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Archeologists struggle to reconstruct Aiges palace

Archeologists at Vergina are struggling for something beautiful, almost majestic. There they discovered a new unlooted tomb of a man who lived during the time of Alexander the Great. Archeologist Angeliki Kottaridi, head of excavations, gave a wonderful new image of the result ofthis struggle.


This is a three-dimensional digital model of the restored palace. The wll known archeologist writes on her facebook page, in perfectly descriptive and understandable fashion: “The graves are likedbecause we find intact little things that have something of the magic of time travel. But let us make no mistake, the real work of enormous importance is the palace of Aiges and its restoration, which will take a long fight to finish ... Here's a small taste of the three-dimensional digital model ... It is not complete, roofs and superstructures are still missing ... ".

Last January, the Central Archaeological Council gave the "green light" for the restoration of the Palace of Aiges. Members of the CAC unanimously approved the architectural design of attachment and restoration of the east and the north wing of the main building.

The palace is three times larger than the Parthenon in size (about 12,000 square meters) and is the work of a great architect of the 4th century BC, but it may be the work of Pytheas. It functioned as an administrative center and a model for the palaces of the Hellenistic territories.

Natural Disasters demolished
the palace in the 1st century. AD, while the wounds worsened with earthquakes that followed, but also by the fact that locals over time took the stones to use them as building materials.