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Deaf schoolchildren sign along to song

A song with the participation of children from the Patra Elementary School for the Deaf - Hearing Impaired, interpreting sign language, provoked emotion and praise nationwide.


The idea, the lyrics and music belong to Patra singer Giorgos Parameros, who sings a very tender piece, with the assistance of the primary school for the Deaf - Hearing Impaired. The shooting of the music video was done in scenic spots of the Achaean Capital, having as background, among others, the Rio -Antirriou.

The Elementary School for the Deaf - Hard of Hearing is a founding member of the Association of Social Organizations "PILLARS OF SOLIDARITY", which was founded by Gefyra SA in 2010. The song premiered Saturday, September 13, 2014, at the castle of Antirrio, opening the great solidarity concert with the "Mikis Theodorakis" Orchestra.

The concert was organized to support two other players - members of the "pillars" ("Alkinoe" of Nafpaktos & 'IRIS' of Rio) and was the central event of the tenth anniversary of the "Charilaos Trikoupis" Rio – Antirrio Bridge . Since then the "life message" officially became the song of the ten years of Rion - Antirion.

In the song, children of the 26th Primary School of Patras, sing the vocals.