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Amendments pass under heavy climate

The amendments for "red loans" of businesses and professionals and for the exclusion of non-arrears through 100 installments was voted upon through a roll-call vote, in a very heavy atmosphere in Parliament.


PASOK MPs Apostolos Kaklamanis and Michalis Kassis differed from the government line by voting "present" to the amendment concerning property tax ENFIA. Meanwhile New Democracy MP Andreas Psycharis, resigned abruptly from his seat, stating he was disappointed by the political system, "unable," he said, "to discuss even the obvious", and stated that he was withdrawing from the political scene.

The amendment to the "red loans" was voted by 165 MPs, with 83 voting against, while 13 deputies voting “present.”

The amendment to exclude non-arrears through a hundred installment arrangement, was voted by 147 MPs, 112 voted against, and two deputies said present.

More specifically, in favor of the amendments the parliamentary group of PASOK and ND voted for - although PASOK deputies, Apostolos Kaklamanis and Michalis Kassis, voted "present" in the amendment for non-arrears.

The parliamentary groups of SYRIZA, communist party KKE, and Independent greeks voted against the amendments.

Democratic left DIMAR, voted for the amendment on "red loans", despite objections expressed during its discussion, and voted against the amendment for unmatured debts - although Mr Kyritsis “present” to the first amendment.

Golden Dawn deputies voted “present” to the amendment on "red loans" and voted against that for non-arrears.