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Former PM Papandreou on Bloomberg

The twitter is ablaze with comments on an interview of former Greek PM Giorgos Papandreou shown on Bloomberg TV live at 08.00 am EST.

Many of the comments speak of irony, and others of experience. In fact the reporter's first question had to do with what Washington could learn from the former premier's experience.

Mr. Papandreou noted that the US was not facing a real economic problem, but a political one that poses the question whether the country is credible.

He also noted that the biggest deficit Greece faced was the deficit in credibility.

When Mr. Papandreou referred to the time he proposed giving the people a voice through a referendum, the interviewing journalist could not contain his amusement, bursting out "You're "killing" me...".

See the video here http://www.bloomberg.com/video/u-s-basically-a-sound-economy-papandreou-hAS~_~DvQ_OmgvDEjrsBAQ.html