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Alarm in Piraeus over possible ebola case

The alarm has been raised at the port of Piraeus, as it became known that Greek flagged cargo ship "Magda P" is expected this afternoon with a crew member reported to have symptoms of the Ebola virus.


Already the port authorities, the Ministry of Shipping and the Ministry of Health are in full readiness. According to media, the ship will not dock in the harbor, but will lay anchor offshore. Authorities will remove the patient and transport him to hospital to undergo all the necessary tests to determine if he is infected.

The ship sailed from New Guinea, bound for Ukraine. During cruising one Philippino crew member showed symptoms of the Ebola virus including bleeding from the urinary tract and pains around the waist. Immediately the alarm was sounded and authorities were alerted. The ship is expected to dock at 5:30 anchorage of Piraeus.

The Centre for Infectuous Disease Control is currently meeting on the issue.