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Anna Vissi wants compensation from municipality for rain flooding

The municipality of Kifissia disclaims all liability for the flood in the basement of the villa of Anna Vissi.

The singer is reportedly seeking compensation of EUR 58,500 from the Municipality of Kifissia, because during the downpour of 16 September masses of water flooded the basement of her house.

The municipality of Kifissia, on its part, stressed that the volume of water that fell then was enormous and could not be addressed directly, noting that:

  •      Outside the house of Anna Vissi there is flood runoff for water management (a triple grate).
  •      The competent authority for flood control is Attica Region.
  •      The grates in the area of Ekali were cleaned promptly, even before the downpour of 16 September.
  •      Kifissia civil protection drew water from the basement of the house of the singer and discharged it in grates in front of the house and it was absorbed immediately, which means that they were not clogged.

Nevertheless, he notes that it will consider the request of the singer for compensation.