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Confrontation with rector sparks new university occupations

The Rector of the University of Athens, Theodoros Fortsakis, has sparked a new round of university building occupations, after he announced his intention to change the way students' decisions are taken, essentially circumventing student assemblies.

The Rector's intention is for students to vote electronically, rather than at assemblies, when it comes to major decisions, such as sit-ins.

As a result of this controversial decision, students have occupied a number of university buildings in Athens, including the Law School at the University of Athens, the Rector's Office at the National Technical University of Athens and the Dean's Office of the School of Health Sciences. Fortsakis said that he would not be contacting the police to oust the students occupying the university buildings.

The Rector of the NTUA issued a statement calling the occupation “illegal” because it did not take into account a student demand for a Senate meeting, but stressed the desire for academic discussion that will work towards the smooth and democratic function of the academic institutions. Meanwhile, the student faction allied with New Democracy, DAP-NDFK, condemned the student occupations and accused leftist students of assaulting them and others at the lobby of the Law School.