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Areti Tsohatzopoulou gets out of jail

Areti Tsochatzopoulou, the daughter of former Defence MinisterAkis Tsohatzopoulos is released by decision of the five-member Court of Appeal for Felonies, while his wife Vicky Stamati remainsin jail.


The court, by majority (three to two), decided to accept the penalty of suspended sentence for Areti Tsochatzopoulou, who has remained in prison for 2.5 years. The defendant is banned from leaving the country, and is obliged to appear twice a month at the police station, and also post a 30,000 euro bail.

On hearing the decision, Areti Tsochatzopoulou burst into tears, while her father stood up immediately from the dock and hugged and kissed his daughter. Relatives of the accused who were in the room reacted with applause and tears of relief.

"I am very happy that I'll return to my children," Areti Tsochatzopoulou said immediately after the announcement of the court's decision for release.

The daughter of former Defence Minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos, in tears, said she still could not believe that the request was accepted. It was the third time the condemned to 12 years in prison daughter of former minister had asked for her exit from prison.

"I'll believe it when you open the door of the prison. I am very happy that I'll return to my children," she said.

In its ruling, the court refused to accept a corresponding application submitted by the defendant Vicky Stamatis, who for months has been hospitalized for psychological problems guarded at the Dromokaitio Hospital.

The court's decision is consistent with the proposal of the prosecutors office.