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Bakoyanni calls for national concensus

New Democracy MP Dora Bakoyanni has called for a "broad consensus" with the opposition party, and said that an agreement for who will be the next President of the Republic is necessary. She further said that Greece should reach an agreement with the Troika of international lenders and asked for elections in six or eight months from now.

Bakoyanni, speaking to SKAI TV this morning, proposed early elections, however not immediately, but rather after eight months. She said taht elections must be held after the next President of the Republic is elected as well as after an agreement with Greece's lenders is reached, that will be accomplished if SYRIZA cooperates. She said that we (Greek political parties) need "to send a message of unity" .

At the same time she said that the government should have a more agressive stance in negotiations.
Finally, she criticized New Democracy party, which she blamed for the failure in certain issues and said that the risk of a grexit is "real", stressing that Greece must not become the “bad example of a European country that slumped to populism".