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Tsipras Prepared to Take Power

The countdown for the great overturn has begun was the message SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras sent during his address at a meeting of the main opposition's Central Committee on Sunday.

Mr. Tsipras said he was ready to take up duties, and predicted sweeping changes in the country's political scene.

The main opposition leader referred publicly for the first time to his nomination by the European Left as candidate for European Commission president, stressing it was an honor, but it mostly vindicated SYRIZA politically, morally and ideologically. He also noted that "we will fight in Greece on behalf of all Europe to change conditions" and create a front against austerity policies.

The SYRIZA president estimated that its failure to convince Greek people for the need of new austerity measures makes it more and more authoritarian and more and more dangerous for the people and for democracy.

Mr. Tsipras said that SYRIZA sought to change conditions through peaceful, democratic and constitutional to achieve more democracy and freedom.

Referring to situation within the party, Mr. Tsipras called for "less nagging and more action," stressing the need "to preserve the ethos of the left and hold up the elements of selflessness and offering."