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Army units on alert for Evros flooding

Τhe Army is in full readiness all along the Evros river until the floods recede, that have been bitterly affecting the region about two months earlier than usual, as the problem from the north part of the river, gradually "moves" to the South Evros.


Yesterday the Minister of National Defence Nikos Dendias ordered the General Staff with all possible means to address flooding in the Evros region, which has declared a state of emergency. Before the 'state of emergency', and within the scope of the existing Civil Protection plans, the Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Christos Manolas went, on Saturday, to the region to participate in a meeting in the village of Pythion.

Officials also discussed further ways of dealing with this phenomenon, because it appeared two months earlier than usual, and asked the Army to continue its assistance. On his part, the Chief of Staff noted that they have the full support of the Units of the Army, both the XVI (16th) and the XII (12th) Mechanised Infantry Divisions, the commanders of which were present in the meeting.