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Cavafy Tours Athens on Buses

Excerpts from the poems of Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933) have been put up since Monday on Athens buses, trams, suburban trains and the Metro to celebrate the Greek poet from Alexandria and celebrate his work on the occasion of the Onassis Foundation's acquisition of his archive.

The initiative belongs to the Cavafy archive, which is expected to announce more events honouring the poet, while the design of the posters is by the Beetroot advertising group.

Towards the end of the month or early in November, the Onassis Foundation on Syngrou Avenue will organise an audiovisual tour in Plato's Academy showcasing eleven Greek and foreign artists' renditions of Cavafy's poems.

Explaining the promotion, Afroditi Panagiotakou executive director of the Onassis Foundation said that the events "are a move that marks our position on Cavafy's work and on how we want the archive contents to be made public. The visuals are rather more pop, and the verses entirely understandable. As they circulate in the city on mass transportation means, the verses can prove to the public that doesn't know his work how familiar he really is, and how well he expresses the spirit of our times."