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Buy glasses, get a Greek island

An entire Greek island is being offered as a gift with the purchase of 420,000 eyeglass frmes. It's no joke, but the offer of a German optical house to bulk customers.

With one detail: The island that appears to be on offer, St. Athanasios, in the Corinthian Gulf, does not belong to the company that offers it, but will be purchased, if someone is interested.

Every year, the German company Libuda Optic World publishes a 'list of incentives' for wholesale customers. This year the incentive is entitled "Immoral offer for the best customers" and the greatest gift is the islet Agios Athanasios.

"A holiday in Majorca would be great if there wasn't so much tourism. Idea: How to get your own island? On your beach no one will bother you anymore. This amazing island in the Gulf of Corinth, is near Itea and not far from Delphi, the Parnassos ski resort and the historic port of Galaxidi.

The hill offers a lovely view. It is the perfect spot for the construction of a private villa. A large number of olive trees and pine trees are spread across the island, while a narrow sandy beach is located in the northwestern part. The sea is crystal clear and full of fish, "says the announcement and concludes:" Offer: By purchasing 420,000 eyeglass frames and no participation or by purchasing 155,000 frames and participation of 999,999 euros."