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Premier Aide Pulls Strings to Favor Son

A scandalous intervention by government secretary general and close associate of the premier, Takis Baltakos in favor of his son, was disclosed today by newspaper Parapolitika.

The issue has to do with the placement of Mr. Baltakos' son in the Coast Guard, after interventions by the father and the former merchant marine minister Kostis Mousouroulis. This came to the forefront when the chief of the Coast Guard was forced to accept the induction of 15 runner ups for placement in the service, as they were bypassed so that the junior Baltakos could be included.

In 2011, Dimitrios Georgios Baltakos decided to enter examinations to become a cadet for the Coast Guard. Despite having a law degree and an MA in political science from a US university, Dimitrios Baltakos failed to pass the exam in Managerial Law.

Despite seeking recourse with examination authorities with no avail, after which he took the matter to justice. Courts opined for a re-examination of the exam, after which the grades were changed in his favor, after which he passed ahead of fifteen others to take his place