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Burglary ring busted in Karditsa

A criminal group, which is involved in robberies and aggravated burglaries in the area of Karditsa, and the murder of an elderly woman during a robbery with loot one TV set, was taken down by police officers of the Karditsa Security Department.

Police arrested four people, aged 22-32 years, and formed a case file for felonies, including the offenses of forming and joining a criminal group, homicide, and committing robbery and aggravated theft in complicity.

The perpetrators, according to police, entered into homes where senior citizens resided  -either through unsecured windows or by breaching doors and windows- and then took, valuables and other items. If they were perceived, they used physical violence against the resident, as in the case of unfortunate 95 year old woman, the mouth of which was tied with a scarf, causing her death due to asphynxiation.

Police investigations have uncovered a total of three robberies, two thefts and the homicide and arrested another person for receiving stolen goods, jewelery, and valuables from the activities of the criminal group.

Those arrested will be brought to the Prosecutor of Karditsa, while investigations are continuing in order to ascertain any involvement  in other crimes.