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Anarchists test police in mini riot

Tension rose on Thursday evening, in Exarcheia, Athens, after about 300 anti-authoritarians assembled and staged a march that evolved into a small scale riot.


During the march, groups damaged 2 jewelery store showcases on Voukourestiou street, two other shops, bus stops and pay phones and headed towards the Exarcheia district.

The protesters erected flaming barricades and torched four cars and garbage bins on Stournari street. A small group of masked youths threw petrol bombs around Tositsa street, while another group within the Polytechnic school, occasionally threw stones and other objects at police, who kept a discreet distance from the rioters.

At about 11 pm, those who were within the University withdrew and mad their way through Stournari to Exarchia Square and shortly after opened Patission Street.