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Doctors Sacked for Over-prescribing

Through a decision of the president of public health security organization EOPYY, 59 doctors are having contracts terminated for over-prescribing medicines, and are having their electronic rights for prescriptions revoked.

Deputy health minister, Antonis Bezos noted that this was a partial answer to inquiries into 87 doctors spotted through statistical examination of the e-system for prescriptions, noting that transparency will reign from here on.

Meanwhile, health minister Adonis Georgiadis asked owners of private clinics contracted to the EOPYY system to stop their lock-out towards state covered patients to calmly revoke this "unlawful" decision.

Mr. Georgiadis expressed hopes there will be dialogue to find solutions to "large" problems, while he warned that in the opposite case there would be a re-examination of EOPYY's position, obliquely hinting at contract terminations and other retribution.