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A car for the future by the Technical University of Crete

The name of the car is “Eco Racer”, and it is a high economy, safe, and quiet car using hydrogen fuel, with an autonomy of 600 km, with just one liter of fuel.

The commercial exploitation of a technological innovation with international awards, such as the fully eco – economic hydrogen car, is the biggest challenge for the Research & Development Team of the Technical University of Crete”, said Mr. Chronis Spanoudakis -head of the team TUCer- in an interview to ANA-MPA.

Besides the utilitarian importance of energy… is the satisfaction of all team members for “converting” creative ideas into innovative applications and giving an extra academic thrust in the international competitive environment”, he mentioned.


However, it is not known when and if someone in Greece will decide to put the technology of Eco Racer on a production line.