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Turkish Minister Invites Greek Doctors

The Turkish health minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has invited 7,000 Greek doctors looking for work abroad to go to Turkey.

As he said, during a ceremony last weekend, "nearly 7,000 Greek doctors are searching for jobs overseas, and I need them. Our doors are open to those 7,000 doctors from Greece. I invite those doctors to serve this country [Turkey] based on this country's domestic saving."

Remarking on the shortage of doctors in the country, Mr. Müezzinoğlu said that it is important for Turkey to come to the fore in the medical sector, particularly in medical tourism.

According to Turkish daily Today's Zaman there is a considerable shortage of doctors in Turkey with 663 people to each doctor, and 1,084 people for every doctor if only state hospitals are considered.

However, Turkish doctors are reacting with unions citing the language barrier among other problems with foreign doctors working in Turkey, and fearing that they might take state hospital jobs.