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A spree of occupations

Occupations of public spaces have been taking place over the last few hours, by anti-authoritarians, as sympathy to the group that has been squating at Athens University rectorship for three days, and, earlier, an anti-authoritarian group entered the courtyard of the Parliament.


A group of about 20 anti-authoritarians, earlier entered the courtyard of the House, demanding, among other things, the release of Savvas Xiros for health reasons, the abolition of the so-called "terror law" and of type III prisons. After shouting slogans and throwing flyers, they left.

Meanwhile, the occupation of the Rectorship of the Athens University continued for a third day, while the protest at the Propylaea of the university was marred by incidents. As academics denounce they were kicked out to opposite Korai Square by anti-authoritarian groups gathered in front of the building.

Also occupied were the offices of the Prefectural Committee of SYRIZA in Achaia, located in the center of Patras, by an anti-authoritarian group.

Under occupation is the political office of Heraklion SYRIZA MP Yannis Michelogiannaki on Kornarou Square, by a group of young people who belong to the antiauthoritarian space.

Occupied, also, are the municipalities of Xanthi and Nea Smyrni.