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April Fool's: Tusk: Greeks can take their sun and put it where they know

European Council President Donald Tusk took issue with the sun of Greece in response to a question about the rescue of Greece in today's press conference.

The Polish politician was actually the butt of an April Fool's day joke, and was shown to focus on the Greek sun after a pun made by the journalist who raised the question. The complete question was: "Many people in Europe react to your policy towards Greece and say that if you 'erase' the Greek sun it will also 'erase' Europe's sun."

Initially Mr. Tusk joked: "To tell you the truth, I've been several times to Greece, and despite that I love it as a country, I think that the sun is overrated. It burns -I got burns from the sun onesummer- and I think it's a little dangerous, even if you wear sunscreen. Skin cancer is lurking."

The Spanish journalist insisted on her question, and Mr Tusk visibly annoyed said:" If the Greeks choose to not pay what they owe, let them keep their sun, to see if they can be pleased by it. As far as I am concerned," heconcluded,"they can take the famous Greek sun and put it exactly where they know."

In the hall of the press conference, as broadcast by Deutsche Welle radio, there were a few laughs but mainly protest voices were heard from journalists.