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Arrested Swiss banker tours Greek courts

Swiss banker Jean Claude Oswald is on a tour of Greek courts today, as has been called to testify in his capacity as a witness before the investigating judge Gabriel Mallis who is handling the cases of the ASRAD electronics submarine warfare suite.


According to information from the banker, who was arrested Friday in Abu Dhabi after an international warrant by Greek authorities, maintains that he doesn't have the list of political figures, such as is being written, while emphasizing that he worked according to the legal status of bank operations.

According to the same information he is expected to argue that he opened an account for the former general director for procurements Antonis Kandas, where he did not know, however, where the money came from.

Kandas is accused in many of the briefs on the armament kickbacks, and has argued that jis now co-defendant Swiss national was the one who undertook the "settlement of black money."

In the coming days Jean Claude Oswald, who remains in custody after his arrest, will be found again in the courts to testify for the supply propelled guns from the German company WEGMANN and the supply of AWACS aircrfat from the Swedish company Ericssson and Brazilian Embraer.