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Anti-establishment gangs use Polytechic grounds to make firebombs

In revelations he made, professor and member of the Technical University, Kimon Hadjibiros, stressed that the basement of the Polytechnic is is used by anti-authoritarian, to manufacture explosives and firebombs.

"It is used as a hideout and a place to manufacture materials used outside of the University buildings, in some enclaves inside the Foundation mainly in some basements," complained Professor in statements on Mega.

"Even the Rectorate authorities do not have access. It is inaccessible. The old keys are probably of no usesince they have put new locks and other mechanisms," he added.

The teacher reported the recent incidents in Athens, with the anti-authoritarians hurling countless Molotov bombs, stones and marble pieces against police, who replied with chemicals and stun grenades.

The occupation in the Rectory of the University of Athens continues for the eleventh day with the administrative operation of the University paralyzed.