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Lavishly Living Fugitive Arrested

A 27 year old posing as a rich "bohemian" playboy has been arrested by police, having been found to be a escaped fugitive from Malandrino prison, and a henchman of Albanian fugitive Alket Rizai.

The young man was a cocaine wholesaler, importing the substance from the Netherlands, and came under scrutiny because of his lavish style, of buying expensive clothing, cars, and houses.

Lately he was a 'regular" at a night spot where a known gossip column subject was singing, spending huge sums to woo her. The two had vacationed together at a chalet in Switzerland.

The specific arrest has caused authorities to open new cases on "contract murders" among underworld figures.

This is the second member of the Rizai gang that has fallen to authorities' hands in a week's time.