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Believe it Not: Deputy FinMin finds 400 million in an hour and a half

One and a half hour it seems was all that was needed for Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas to deny his own statements that the government is seeking 400 million euros in order to pay April salaries and pensions.

After the bomb Mr. Mardas dropped this morning, arguing that there is a gap of 350-400 million euros, he finally "revealed" an hour and a half later that money was there that the government's economic team found after meetings that took place within that time.

As he said, in the time since the early declarations he worked in the ministry and eventually found the money, despite the deputy minister having stated that no one can say with certainty that we will happen between 24 and 27 April.

Specifically, the deputy finance minister speaking on Star channel said: "One and a half hour sago I was at home, and then I came to my office. We had meetings all this time and we considered to have covered this amount. We saw how much money can come up with immediately and consider that, according to what we have and what we expect, we will overcome this problem."